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Agrovino is a complex that combines Cypriot hospitality and traditional cuisine. When you are looking for a landscape with an architectural character and history, then Lofou is the perfect destination - a combination to live in them.

Agrovino studios has 7 separate accommodations, each with its own unique character. Some of them can accommodate 2 people and others up to 5 people. Everything is within walking distance of each other and the restaurant as well. All accommodation has kitchen, heating and internet.

Meet Lofou

Lofou village is located to the north-west of Limassol, just 26 km from the city. It is on an average altitude of 780 meters and surrounded by the neighboring communities of Pera Pedi to the north (around 6.5 km) and Agios Therapon to the southwest (about 4.5 km). Starting from the Troodos round about and moving north, after passing the community of Alassa, you will head northwest, following the signs to Lofou and Agios Therapon. The route from Limassol takes about half an hour by car.


Just a few meters from the accommodation is the traditional tavern of Lofos that has existed since 1992. It offers a wonderful atmosphere and a place to enjoy breakfast and the local flavors of our place.

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What to do in Lofou

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"Came after visiting the beautiful village of Lofou. Our lunch was prepared for us on the stove in the covered courtyard. Food was excellent; service was excellent, atmosphere perfect. Also the price was great value money. Loved our visit and will definitely come again."
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Lofou Sights


Lofou Primary School is built on the village’s highest point. It is a classic building, which has incorporated elements of the traditional architecture of the houses. The construction of the new school’s building began in 1917. Next to the school there is a playground.

Church of Panayia Chrisolofitissa

The village church is dedicated to the Annunciation of Mary. The building of the main hall began 1854 and was concluded in 1872. It is built on a small hill on the west side of Lofou, looking over the entire village. The length of it reaches 3,5 meters and its width is 13,3 meters.

Holy Fathers Chapel

It is a small chapel north of the village that was recently built to replace a cave in which the icon with the Holy Fathers of our church was kept. The cave with the image inside was discovered several years ago and the inhabitants honored the Holy Fathers.

Olive Mill Museum

The olive mill in Lofou is property of the Church and it was built around the 20th century. The building is a stone built rectangular construction with 2 rooms. The means of producing olive oil are in one room, while the other is used as a warehouse. The mill’s basic facilities includes the stone mill. Against one of the walls the fireplace is found, where they would boil the water.

Elitzi fountain

The “Elitzi fountain” is about 1 km northeast of Lofou, in the middle of the distance to Silikou village, and it was constructed back in 1842. It took its name from the area it is located in. The cistem is decorated with beautiful, large openings, from which the Lofou residents would get water for their daily needs until 1953. After that year, the British built concrete fountains in various spots in the village.

Profetes Elias Picnic Area

Α well-preserved area with an enchanting view to the Kourris dam, the city of Limassol, the Akrotiri salt lake, as well as the roots of the villages west to Lofou, such as Kivides. It is an area with wooden benches, a playground for children and barbecue spots, around the chapel of Profetes Elias.

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