Agrovino Studio Inn is a complex of traditional stone houses. The house dates back many years, but we had the idea to originalize and rebuild them from scratch to bring them back to life. First of all, we created the Tavern that we named the Traditional Taverna of Lofos. Over the years we thought that it would be nice to have a hostel since the visitor comes to the village to host already. Also a cafe - bar in our space for additional employment of the customer. So do it again with a lot of effort and love we created what we are today and named them Agrovino Studios and Agrovino Wine Bar. We created 7 separate houses where each fiber is unique and a unique wine bar. We are glad that we kept the traditional architecture and that people like it. Our goal is for people to live in this environment with the existing tradition and to taste the authentic authentic local cuisine.

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"First of all, the owner and the staff were amazing, kind and helpful. The rooms are spacious, clean, the bed is big and comfortable. The breakfast was included and was really good. We also had dinner at their restaurant and really liked the food and the prices. "
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